Friday, 9 November 2007

In the Western world

Hmm.. ever felt that you are in an african in new york.. For those who followed my adventures whilst I was in some forssaken bundus , must realize that I left the area to now travel to the most developed countries and see and experience what they wanted to offer..
Oh..oi.. or oiwee, must I say.
Now I miss the lions that used to sleep outside my tent, much to my chagrin which always resulted in me emptying my wooden makeshift bar and chant , I am the manager.. people look up to me.. people seem me as the leader, why am I shaking just.. please note JUST because there is 12 lions outside my tent , ..I mean that used to be the norm... i always ended up looking harassed like that dumb grevy zebra that kept on meeting them outside my door and running for his life..Life.. that was life in the wilderness.
I see the programs on Blue Planet , Bear Gryliss on Survival tactics and Nigel , you know him .. that one who does tribe, and I wonder.. I would love to start my own series.. The perils and the adventures in the savanah grasslands of Africa or should I be more specific... Kenya..
For those who will reading through or by mistake just stumble on this this space..